Millburn-Short Hills public schools—talk about a one-two punch. Ok, it’s great that Millburn public schools are the BEST in New Jersey, and don’t get us wrong, we are so proud, but it’s just straight-up unfair that Short Hills public schools are number two. And don’t even get us started on how Summit is number twelve, and Chatham is number thirteen, because then you’ll definitely think we’re just showing off (ok, we are, but the thing is, we back it up with results). By the way, that’s number one, two, twelve, and thirteen out of six hundred. And they don’t just measure the high schools, but all of the schools in the district.

So now you’re wondering, “How do they quantify education in public schools anyway? How can education be measured?” Pretty easily actually.

Criteria #1: Grades.

Result: Students at Millburn-Short Hills public schools have the highest average grades in the state.

Criteria #2: Number of students the district serves.

Result: With about 1,500 students at Millburn High School, which serves both Millburn and Short Hills, the district is neither the largest nor the smallest, but the students here certainly are the most disciplined, the most pro-active and engaged, and the most college-ready.

And now you’re thinking, “Wait, but I bet you Millburn-Short Hills public schools have the easiest curriculum. That’s why they have the highest grades . . .”

Uhmmmmmmm, think again.

Try . . . AP Calculus BC, Advanced Robotics, Discrete Mathematics, Astrophysics, Genetics, Modern Dramatic Literature, and AP Chinese.

So no, the classes aren’t easier.

What is easier though? The access to great teachers (the student-teacher ratio is 12:1), the ability to get help with your work, to develop a critical learning community, and to feel engaged because of the strong intellectual culture here.

Look, we don’t want to brag, but the proof is in the results. And Millburn-Short Hills public schools continue to deliver them. If you want your children to have a world-class public school education, buy a Millburn-Short Hills home today.