One of the most exciting parts of my job is getting to help first time buyers find their dream home. Lately I’ve had a lot of millennial home buyers, members of that famous (or infamous) generation. They’ve been so much fun to work with. Many of them are moving out of the city, searching for an authentic, rooted community like we have in the Millburn-Short Hills area.

These young people are hard-working and savvy. They also value modern aesthetics and eclectic design. It’s important for baby boomer home sellers to keep this in mind if they want to attract millennial home buyers and get top dollar for their homes. Social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram make it easy for users to develop a strong sense of what’s trending in the design world. Many millennials are plugged in to these networks. Spending some time perusing the most popular users can be a great place to start to get an idea of what millennials are looking for in a Millburn-Short Hills home.

Many home sellers invest in new paint and even new flooring in order to get a better selling price. If you’re planning on doing these improvements anyway, hire an interior designer for a consultation to plan a sleek, modern concept for the house. Highlighting architectural elements like crown moulding with paint, or floor to ceiling windows with dramatic window treatments don’t cost a lot but create great impact. These are the kind of fine details that my millennial clients love.

Many of my younger clients are also avid cooks. They love trying new recipes and entertaining. A kitchen that looks a little worn down and dreary will get a quick facelift by painting the cabinets a warm white or calm gray. With a neutral background, even avocado green appliances can look edgy and hip.

Furniture is another element to consider if you want to attract millennials. Mixing modern furniture and pops of color in a historical house is considered on-trend right now. Talk with your designer about where to incorporate decorative pillows or statement artwork to update the feel of you house. Hiring a staging company might be a good plan, too. They are experts in current design trends and can bring in furniture temporarily to change the look.

When selling your house, keep in mind that you want the buyers to be able to imagine their life in the house. Learning the taste of the younger generation and incorporating it where possible will make it easier for 30-somethings to picture living and working in the house.