It’s impossible to answer the question: what is Millburn-Short Hills architecture like? Because there’s really no way to pin it down. This area is far too diverse culturally and artistically to be pigeon-holed, so here’s a quick run-down of a few different styles you can find in Millburn-Short Hills architecture.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern brought about things like the A-frame and rambler, and is characterized by open floor plans, walls made of glass, low-pitched roofs, minimalist design, and close to the ground horizontal lines. Think: Frank Lloyd Wright. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in the Guggenheim?

The Victorian

Let’s face it: we all know and love Victorian homes, and Millburn-Short Hills architecture reflects that. Is it the steeply pitched, irregularly shaped roof, the textured shingles, or that porch? Is it the Normal Rockwell, 1950’s America? Answer: yes, yes, yes.

Tudor Cottage

The Tudor is that charming house that reminds you of an old-world European castle. It has that steeply pitched, cross-gabled roof, bricks, and rounded door. The chimneys are huge and add to that warm, country feeling.

The Cape Cod

The Cape Cod is cozy, but it’s even cozier when it’s in the Millburn-Short Hills area and close to New York City. It’s symmetrical with a steep roof and wood frame, and has that amazing chimney for those winter months.

Whether or not you are a Cape Cod type, or a mid-century modern, Robin Benjamin is your source for all Millburn-Short Hills architecture and homes.